Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy to move the cylinder in a linear direction. A cylinder consists of a cylindrical barrel, piston and a piston rod.

Hydraulic cylinders may have different types and sizes according to usage area

General area of usage;
Hydraulic presses, construction machinery, cranes, platforms, plastic injection machinery, plants, agricultural machines, mines, steel industry, elevators, penstock

Cylinder Types
Front Round Flange, Front Square Flange, Rear Round Flange, Rear Square Flange, Intermediate Fixed Trunnion, Front Swivel with Eye, Back Swivel with Eye, Tie Rod, Press Type, Telescopic, With Transducer (Position Sensor), Stainless Steel Hydraulic Cylinder

By Acting Type
Single acting cylinder, double acting cylinder

ISO Norm Cylinders, DIN Norm Cylinders, CETOP Norm Cylinders, Non-Standard Special Cylinders

Diameter range between ø50mm - ø750mm, length up to 10 meters hydraulic cylinders